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What is drop forging?

What is drop forging?

Drop forging is a metal shaping process. The process involves a hammer being lifted and then ‘dropped’ onto a heated piece of metal to mould it into the desired shape.

When materials are manufactured this way, they are stronger than their equivalent solid or cast parts. Forging is also classed as one of the oldest metalworking practices and it can be traced back to 8000 B.C. The forging process is widely used by manufacturers due to the optimum use of materials with little waste. Any excess or offcuts can be reused and eventually recycled.


What is it used for?

Forging companies use this method to produce strong and durable parts for a range of industries. These include aerospace, automotive, saddlery and motorbikes which all require reliable and robust parts.  Examples of where the drop forging method may be used are in the production of seat belt buckles, climbing gear, spanners and tractor parts.

Open die Drop Forging

Open die forging involves the repetitive action of heating metal and working the metal between a top ram and die and bottom anvil and die. The operator manipulates the material using his skill to produce the shape required. This process of open die drop forging is usually used for less intricate parts.

Closed die Drop Forging

Closed die drop forging process involves a metal bar being heated before being placed in the die then hammered until the metal fills the die cavity. Closed-die drop forging fully covers the item being forged whereas open-die drop forging does not.

The process can also be referred to as impression die forging. Closed-die forging tends to be the more popular method of forging. This is because it allows forging companies to produce smaller and more intricate parts.